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Why is social media management important?

Last Update August 6, 2016: Social media management should be an integral part of your marketing strategy is a great way of reaching new customers and keeping in touch with existing customers. It's more than just posting the odd update when you remember though. It's about having a focused and serious approach, and when it is done right, it can really pay off, especially when done in conjunction with our article writing

The key to effective social media marketing is exploiting what each site offers to the max, choosing the most suitable network for your campaign and and ensuring it is correctly targeted with a view to lead generation.

Here at Karma Content, we understand that effective social media marketing isn't a single strategy. It is a combination of a strong, clear profile, awesome content writing and interaction with your followers. This integrated approach to social media marketing ensures you are reaching out to highly focused and relevant users, ensuring you are getting the best returns for you money.

Can we manage our social media channels ourselves?

Of course you can! But can you manage it efficiently and cost-effectively? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do we have enough time to effectively manage our social channels?
  • Would our staff's time be better spent dealing with they are good at?
  • Do we have the specialist software and expertise to grow a relevant and focussed social audience?
  • Can we carry out effective keyword and #hashtag research to ensure our messages are reaching the right audience?

Our social media strategy

We follow a simple but highly effective social media management strategy that has four key aims. You can see it in the infographic below (thanks to Smart Insights):

Educate - Our aim is to portray your company as a leader in its field. We will post messages and content from your website and from other places such as trade news websites that will help your company become a thought leader in your field.

Entertain - Social media is all about interaction, so what better way to engage your audience than to entertain them. We will post messages and content that show the human face of your company, and will put a smile on the face of your social audience.

Inspire - You're passionate about your business and that's what we will show your social audience. We will connect with them emotionally and inspire them into action.

Convince - Ultimately, after educating, entertaining and inspiring your social followers, our aim is to convince them to use your services or products. We will carefully use your social channels to showcase your strengths and highlight the benefits of using your business over your competitors. All of this is done in a sophisticated and subtle manner.

It's a tried and tested method that will bring results.


What next?

Get in touch now if you would like to place an order or if you would like discuss our social media management serivces or any of our other content writing services. If you’re based in the North West maybe we could meet for a coffee to discuss your requirements. Email us now on or complete the contact form. If you want us to give you a callback, let us know your number and the best time to call.


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